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Gran's 'living nightmare' as pooing pigeons target her home for four years


Louise Johnson, 48, says she’s been in a “living nightmare” for years and is “absolutely disgusted” with the Labour-controlled council. Since the authority installed solar panels on her roof, Louise claims her home has become a large nesting site for pigeons, reports Hull Live.

The birds regularly foul the roof and the garden below, Louise claims.

The gran, who suffers with multiple health conditions and has undergone chemotherapy, said she has been unable to sit in the garden due to the mess.

“I’m absolutely disgusted and having pigeons fly at me in the garden and poo all over everything is a nightmare come true,” Louise, of west Hull, said.

“I want to sit outside but I can’t because of it, and can’t even have my grandson over now – I feel like a prisoner in my own home.

“I’ve spend hundreds because of the poo from painting the decking where the acid has ruined it, as well as having to bin loads of items that have been pooed on.

“I can’t hang the washing out either because it will just be pooed on.”

The mum has been living in her council home for more than 10 years, but the bird poo has been a problem for the past four years since the solar panels were fitted.

She says the lack of intervention from the council has affected her mental health.

The woman fears she will have to move if the problem is not solved.

Louise continued: “I’m upset and angry with the council for not fixing it.

“I’ve paid for every grain of soil in that garden and all the plants and decorations in there, so why should I have to move?

“I want this problem solving and want my garden and my life back.”

Hull City Council has been approached for comment.


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