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Grandmother dies after son's pitbulls gnaw on leg until 'only the bone remained'

Sandra Dee Miller, a 63-year-old grandmother from Utah, died after being viciously attacked by her son’s seven pit bulls.

The horrifying event occurred in her own backyard on Halloween 2023, where Sandra was set upon by two adult pit bulls and five puppies, resulting in severe injuries that ultimately proved fatal on November 6.

Jeremy Miller, Sandra’s 38-year-old son, now faces charges of misdemeanor attack by animal, as reported by ABC4.

When police arrived at the scene near 4800 South and 2900 West, they found Sandra Miller with extensive injuries.

“Her leg had no flesh on it and only the bone remained. There was so much blood [the officer] could not see her other injuries,” the affidavit said.

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Police had to scale the fence to reach Miller, and upon arrival, they observed the dogs with “blood on and around their mouths and appeared to be in a frenzy.”

According to official records, the dogs remained highly aggressive, requiring the intervention of several Taylorsville city police officers and animal control officers to subdue them and ensure the victim’s safety within the yard. The officers even resorted to shooting one of the pit bulls multiple times to subdue it.

Despite efforts to save her, Sandra’s injuries were too severe, leading to the amputation of one of her legs. She died from her wounds a week later.


Described as a loving grandmother and cherished family member, Sandra is survived by her two siblings, five children, fourteen grandchildren, and great-grandchild. 

“She loved spending time with her family, grandkids, and friends. Some of her hobbies were collecting crystals, dragons and every little trinket that caught her eye,” her obituary read.

“We are thankful for every moment we shared with her. We cherish that we had the opportunity to say goodbye and that she was surrounded by her loved ones during her last moments.”


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