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Grace ITV: How true is Grace on ITV to the books?


Each instalment is two hours long and fans are hoping the recent adaption will do the books justice.

As expected, some intricate details from the books and potentially some side plots will be missing from the series due to time constraints but in a recent interview with Expres.co.uk and other press, the show’s executive producers and cast could not be happier with ITV adaption.

John Simms who plays Roy Grace in the series described the adaption as a “delicate balancing act.”

He said: “It’s a delicate balancing act because they are two different things.

“A novel is not a TV show and a TV show is not a novel so while we are trying to be absolutely true to the source material, its a TV show and so fans of the novel, some of them will be up in arms because it won’t be the characters they had in their head but there is nothing we as actors can do about that apart from serve the script and what is in front of us.

“I can’t really be worrying whether people that are into the novels won’t like it. I guess you have to take it from the standpoint that nobody knows the novels and knows what is going to happen and it’s a separate entity but at the same time, being as true as we can be to Peter’s novels.”


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