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Government says fast broadband is 'essential' …but don't expect it to change your speeds


However, in the latest national infrastructure strategy, the Government has walked back its commitment – stating that faster internet speeds will now only be available to 85 percent of premises within the next five years.

A number of new smaller companies are racing to install future-proofed broadband infrastructure across the UK. A number of these, including Community Fibre, HyperOptic, ZZoomm, CityFibre, Zen, and more, are racing to build out gigabit-capable networks faster than the old guard, BT’s Openreach, can upgrade its existing copper cables to the future-proofed new technology.

While some of these companies are looking to connect rural and semi-rural properties, a recent report from Ofcom suggested that 1.5 million homes in the UK still do not have any internet access. It’s likely to be these premises that fall within the missing 15 percent from the Prime Minister’s original pledge to bring fast, reliable broadband to all.

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