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Google Street View catches very randy couple in public roadside tryst in broad daylight


A GOOGLE street view camera captured the moment a couple appeared to have sex in broad daylight.

The randy pair were snapped romping on the bonnet of a car parked off a street adjacent to a public highway in Portugal.  


The couple were caught romping on the front of a parked car[/caption]


They had appeared to meet up for the steamy session on off a street adjacent to a public highway in northern Portugal[/caption]

The man appeared to have his shorts part-way down his ankles as he held his partner’s legs on the front of the silver Volkswagen polo.

The images were snapped by Google near the small town of Ponte de Lima, in northern Portugal – some 25 miles from the city of Braga.

They re-emerged this week when they posted by a Reddit user in the Google Maps Shenanigans thread.

However, many users were left confused by the couple’s choice of location as one asked: “But why do it there.”



Hilarious Google Maps scene shows Street View cameraman traveling in strange way


Google Maps captures kid’s hilarious mishap while crossing the road

Another replied: “Honestly, it seems to be a pretty secluded spot – outside of the Google Maps guy.”

Meanwhile, a third quipped: “Addicted to the shindig.”

The couple in question were heavily blurred by the Google Maps app that does not allow sexual content.

Google’s algorithm also automatically blurs people’s faces and car number plates in more recent versions.

That is a good thing for those who have been caught in some very embarrassing moments – from couples having sex in public to a man who peed his pants.

One unlucky punter was pictured on Street View leaving a sex shop in Weymouth, Dorset.

In 2018 prankster Toby Sullivan boasted he had “made it” after viral pictures of him pulling a moonie at a Google car in Hillingdon, Middx.

And a yob chased a Street View camera through Brisbane, making rude gestures along the way so he would be pictured dozens of times.

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