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Gogglebox: Nasreen Siddiqui on why she refuses to appear on C4 show with rest of family


The Siddiqui family, from Derby, have won over Gogglebox viewers with their hysterical commentary of the week’s biggest TV shows. Dad Sid and three of his sons: Baasit, Umar, and occasionally Raza all appear on the Channel 4 show. However, the matriarch of the family, Nasreen, has never made an appearance.

Explaining her decision she said “Oh no, it’s not something for me. I don’t speak very good English and I’m very shy. “It’s best left to the boys.

“You won’t get me on the TV.”

But fans were recently delighted when they were given a rare look at Nasreen when the Siddiqui family Instagram account shared a sweet picture of Nasreen with her husband Sid and their granddaughter Amelia.

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The account, which is ran by Baasit, captioned the post: “I was trying to get a photo of all three of these guys staring at the camera and smiling! Dad is like a statue with that smile but Mum and Amelia were doing it on purpose.

“Each time one of them would smile the other would look the other way or swap!

“The Siddiqui ladies are a stubborn and cheeky bunch.” 

One fan commented: “Love love love your family. Your dad is the sweetest and seeing your mom, she is just so adorable. I hope she will be on the show sometime.” 

Another said: “Love you on Gogglebox bring your mum on.”

A third replied: “Aww great pics. Love the way your little girl and her nanny are looking at each other.”


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