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Gmail not working: How long will Gmail app be down? When will it come back?


Logging into work this morning may be stressful for some, with swathes of Android users unable to access the Gmail app from their phones. The app has been crashing every time it’s opened on Android devices like Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel phones.

Downdetector, a website that records apps and websites which aren’t working properly, has two huge spikes indicating issues.

One peaks at around 9pm last night, with another starting to pick up this morning.

People have been complaining of being unable to access their email this morning as the problem continues.

One wrote: “I can get into Gmail using edge to navigate to web page no sign of webviewer on my pixel”.

Another said: “My gmail trys to open, then crashes too. Cleared cache and worked temporarily but sane [SIC] situation. Really need my Gmail. Hope this gets sorted out. Not great.”

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How long will Gmail app be down? When will it come back?

As yet there is no indication how long the Gmail app will be down for, with users also finding issues with Yahoo, Google and Amazon apps.

Users have said they have even reset their phones, and uninstalled and reinstalled the affected apps in the hopes of fixing the issue.

Google issued a statement, confirming the issue. A spokesperson said: “We are aware of an issue with WebView causing some apps on Android to crash.

“We are currently working to fully validate the scope and a fix is in progress.”

Express.co.uk will update this page with any further statements from Google or fixes issued.

One fix for the issue has been circulating on social media, with those affected by the crashing issues told to uninstall “Android System WebView”.

If you can’t uninstall WebView, instead disable it on the phone’s Settings app.

One person Tweeted: “All my apps were down, Gmail, Google kindle, ect ect. Went on to playstore and uninstalled an app called android system webview.

“Now all apps appear to be working as normal. Hope this helps.”

More to follow…


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