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Girl rescued her stolen dog after psychic told her where to find thieves


Ceilidh Barclay had taken her bull terrier, Eco, out for a walk late at night when she suddenly vanished. After a month apart and a huge social media campaign, Ms Barclay rescued her beloved dog around 20 minutes away from the place she was taken. Appearing on ITV’s This Morning, Holly introduced Ms Barclay saying: “Ceilidh, you’re here with Eco, so as we can see this story has a happy ending because you are one of the few that actually got your precious pet back.”

Ms Barclay went on to tell her story: “It was quite late at night but I took Eco out for a last minute walk before bed. I took her off the lead as normal, there was nobody around, it was about 2am.

“I was chatting with my partner and within five minutes of being there we heard ushering. Both of us heard it, looked up and she had vanished. There was no people, no cars and no dog around.

“At this point I thought that she could have ran to the front door because we live just across the street. Immediately went there, and she wasn’t there. My heart sank.

“I panicked. There is nothing you can do in that moment. Especially at 2am, who can you call, there is no one to help you.”

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“I remembered that a stranger commented on my Facebook post that they had a ‘psychic reading’ with my dog which I didn’t give much thought to at the time.

“The comment said that Eco was in a first floor flat, she could see out of a window, she can see a blue building and a telegraph pole. It was very specific, and it was what I was seeing at that moment.

“I stayed for about seven hours and as I was walking back to my car, Eco trotted out the front door. 

“I said her name and she ran straight to me. We ran to the car and drove off and the lady was left screaming.”

Now Ms Barclay wants to raise awareness about dog thefts, which figures reveal have increased by 20 percent in the past 12 months. She stars in new documentary ‘The Gangs Who Steal Your Puppy’, which is available to watch on Youtube.


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