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Girl, 10, persuades Waitrose to stop stocking comics with plastic toys


She was overjoyed by the retailer’s announcement and joked it meant she had one less supermarket chain to write to in a bid to inspire change. The youngster said: “That’s awesome. We were planning to contact the big supermarkets this week.”

Skye, who is home schooled, became fed up with being sent “cheap plastic rubbish” with one of her favourite magazines Horrible Histories.

Her petition, which has amassed 3,500 signatures, has inspired Waitrose to phase out the magazines from its shelves over the next eight weeks.

Skye’s father Dave added: “I’m so proud of her. The fact Waitrose are now paying attention is a great start to how the others can continue to do this. It’s amazing.

“I’m the village postman so I deliver [the magazines] and I remember the day Skye got her magazine and literally said ‘That’s it, I’ve had enough’. By the time I’d finished my post round, she’d written a letter and sent it to the magazine.

“Loads of people would look at this stuff and say ‘that’s not acceptable’ but Skye took it on herself.”

Waitrose said magazines including educational or reusable craft items, such as colouring pencils and pens or collectable models which are intended to be used multiple times, will not be removed.

Peppa Pig, LOL Dolls, My Little Pony and Mr Men are just some of the children’s magazines which often come with free plastic toys.

Marija Rompani, the director of sustainability and ethics at Waitrose, said: “While we know these magazines are popular with children, some of the unnecessary plastic attached to them has become really excessive.

“Many in the younger generation really care about the planet and are the ones inheriting the problem of plastic pollution.

“We urge publishers to find alternatives, and other retailers to follow our lead in ending the pointless plastic that comes with children’s magazines.”

The retailer has written to magazine distributors giving them eight weeks’ notice of the policy, asking for alternatives to plastic toys.

Skye said: “We can still turn [the planet] round but if we don’t do it soon, we won’t be able to change it. I think it’s getting worse quite quickly because there’s so much plastic.”

She plans to write to schools next to encourage them to join her campaign, which can be signed at http://chng.it/jrBndKMx



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