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'Get to back of the queue!' Mike Parry erupts at Britons refusing AstraZeneca jab


The broadcaster was a guest on Jeremy Vine on Channel 5 when he shamed those who refuse the AstraZeneca vaccine. He said that by opting not to get inoculated against the coronavirus, the vaccine sceptics were “causing a problem to society.” Mr Parry insisted the Anglo-Swedish vaccine was safe and described claims that the drug was causing blood clotting as “rubbish.” He also accuses people of “scaremongering” after concerns in Europe over the jab’s safety were dismissed by vaccine experts.

Mr Parry told Jeremy Vine: “Not just should they go to the back of the queue but they should also be reminded that by not having the vaccine themselves they are creating a problem within society.

“We are a very big society, 60 million people in this country, the more of us that get the vaccine the safer we all are towards and for each other.

“So those who want to opt-out on the basis that they believe a bit of medical nonsense about this not being safe and it is nonsense not just from medics but from people who are scaremongering.

“We know it is nonsense, all the top medics in Europe have no actually come round and said that it’s rubbish that it causes blood clots.”

He continued: “Every medical expert in the world agrees the vaccines are safe.

“We have even had to interrupt a batch of 1.7 million and retest them because that is how precise we are about making sure they’re safe.

“So anyone who doesn’t have it should be reminded that not only do they go to the back of the queue but you are putting your fellow countrymen and fellow human beings at risk.

“Think about that please and stop being so blinking selfish on the whim of some daft rumour.”

“First, in terms of the efficacy of the vaccine, it’s clear, at least to the Canadian health authorities, that the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine is highly desirable and we’d love to have some, and would love to have some injected into arms.”

Speaking on the EU suspension of AstraZeneca, Mr Carney said it was a “very disturbing development.”

The decision to reinstate the use of the Oxford manufactured drug came as a relief to many health experts who expressed concern over the already long delays in Europe’s vaccination programme.

Mr Carney added in light of the vaccine suspension, many countries would need to develop a vaccine capacity.


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