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'Get on a train and go home!' Malthouse's swipe at Scottish fans ahead of England game


Kit Malthouse, the Crime and Policing Minister, has told Scottish football fans to pack up and go home. In a swipe at the Tartan Army, the Government Minister said it was “not too late for them to get a ticket home”. This comes as around 20,000 Scottish fans have already descended on London despite pleas from politicians and police to stay away from the capital ahead of the key Wembley clash in the Euro 2020. 

TalkRADIO host Julia Hartley-Brewer told Mr Malthouse: “We have 20,000-plus Scotland fans, who are very welcome here in our capital city, coming down to watch the match – but not in Wembley because they can’t get tickets.

“Where are they going to watch the match? The Trafalgar Square fanzone is only for 700 socially distanced key workers. The pubs are all booked up.

“What are you going to do with all those 20,000 Scotland fans?”

Mr Matlhouse said: “It is unfortunate that so many came despite encouraging them not to.”

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He continued: “I know that the Met Police put a dispersal order in Central London to make sure people are not crowding into the centre.

“I hope they do obey that, that they do disperse and find somewhere socially distanced to watch the match.

“Or indeed, it’s not too late for them to get a ticket home of course.”

This remark prompted Ms Hartley-Brewer to burst out laughing, as Mr Malthouse continued: “Get on the train this afternoon if they’ve got nowhere to go.

This is the first time Scotland have qualified for the Euros in 23 years, but there will be no official fan zone for Scottish supporters in London because of COVID-19 regulations.

Earlier this week, London Mayor Sadiq Khan pleaded with Scottish supporters not to travel without a ticket or a “safe place” to watch the match.

With only 3,000 tickets to the match, many will be left scrambling to find somewhere to catch the action.

This has prompted the Metropolitan Police to issue a 48-hour dispersal order in central London giving officers the power to remove “anti-social” football fans.


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