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Get a 4G data boost by switching to this incredible SIM deal from ASDA


Your monthly allowance refers to the amount of data that you can download over the airwaves each month. Anything that you do online when not connected to Wi-Fi will count towards that data allowance. If you only use your smartphone to send a few WhatsApp messages, share some photos to social media, and check Google Maps… you’ll be fine with a lower allowance. Anyone who wants to stream boxsets from Netflix on the train, listen to new music from Spotify, and make FaceTime calls on-the-move will need more.

Until now, customers who opted for the £5 a month SIM-only deal from ASDA would get 3GB of data to use each month. But with the latest upgrade, customers will get 6GB for the same cost. Likewise, the £7 a month plan, which previously shipped with 5GB of data, has been bumped up to 10GB.

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