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Germans rage at Merkel's AstraZeneca flipflopping as nurse bemoans cancelled vaccination


On Tuesday evening, it was announced that Germany had suspended routine use of the AstraZeneca jab in people under the age of 60. This is almost a complete U-turn from Germany’s original position on the Oxford vaccine, where the nation recommended against using the vaccine for over-65s. 

DW spoke to three members of the public in Germany to gauge the sentiment towards that latest change of policy regarding AstraZeneca.

One woman said: “All this switching back and forth is undermining confidence.

“They do not know themselves what is right.”

DW also spoke to a German nurse who admitted she had cancelled her appointment following the latest suspension.

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She stated: “I am a nurse myself, I have not got vaccinated yet and I cancelled my appointment.

“I would like to wait until we really know and it is clear whether all population groups should get the vaccine or not.”

A German man said regarding Angela Merkel’s changing policy regarding AstraZeneca: “I can understand that the facts are constantly changing and that you need to make changes accordingly.

“That is the case with all coronavirus measures but there is a lot of scaremongering going on with AstraZeneca.

“As the UK’s independent regulator has said, when people are called forward, they should get the jab.

“Over 30 million people have already received their first dose of a vaccine, and we are on track to offer jabs to all over-50s by 15 April and all adults by the end of July.”

AstraZeneca just behind the Pfizer vaccine is the most used vaccine in the world.

There are currently 71 countries and territories that have administered the AstraZeneca vaccine while 72 have used Pfizer.


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