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George Galloway dismantles SNP IndyRef2 plans as polls shows 'tide has changed!'


George Galloway admitted to his joy in finding out there was reduced support for Scottish independence amid new polls showing a slump. The SNP – who have been campaigning for independence and are the only major political party in Scotland pushing for it – are likely to see less support in the upcoming Scottish Parliamentary elections because of the reduced hunger for independence, Mr Galloway forecast. The commentator added that new polls also suggest the Conservatives are more appealing to the working classes meaning chaos for Labour who are suffering with “in-fighting”.

The survey also found 52 percent of C2DE voters, which covers the working-class and those not working, would back the Tories with only 27 percent picking Labour.

Appearing on his Mother of All Talkshows programme, Mr Galloway said: “I’m very happy to tell you that this day, the polls show that the SNP will have no majority at all.

“And the majority of people in two separate polls today want Britain to remain united, they want Scotland to remain within the United Kingdom.

“55 to 45 we won the once in a lifetime generation in 2014. 

“If you include the ‘don’t knows’, which broke nine to one for remaining in the United Kingdom last time in 2014, we’re back almost exactly at 55 to 45. 

“In fact, we’re 56 to 44, so I’m a happy man not just because Manchester United beat the league leaders, Manchester City. 

“I’m happy because the tide has turned in Scotland and I’ve had a little bit to do with that I’m very proud to say.” 

A poll conducted by Savanta ComRes for the Daily Express asked 1,015 Scots if they would support independence and whether they were in favour of the Union. 

He said: “What’s the point of being in a political party when you have to spend all your time and energy fighting other people in your own party?

“That sounds like a recipe for wasting your political life to me. 

“But when you’re doing it knowing that you haven’t got the slightest or remotest of ever winning that fight then you are fooling yourself.”

The Scottish Parliamentary elections will be held on May 6. 


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