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Generous UFC stars Darren Till and Khamzat Chimaev help feed Stockholm’s homeless as they take break from training


UFC stars Darren Till and Khamzat Chimaev selflessly took time away from their gruelling training and recovery sessions to feed some of Stockholm’s less fortunate.

Former welterweight title challenger Till recently jetted off to Sweden’s capital to get some training in with the undefeated UFC sensation.


UFC stars Darren Till and Khamzat Chimaev took recently helped feed some of Stockholm’s less fortunate[/caption]


Chimaev and Till were joined by former UFC lightweight Reza Madadi – who regularly feeds the less fortunate[/caption]


Till was shocked by the number of rough sleepers in Stockholm[/caption]

But the freezing cold conditions on the streets of Stockholm prompted the pair – and former UFC lightweight Reza Maddadi – to take the time to dish out leftovers from restaurants, pastries and hot drinks to those out in the cold.

The trio took to a bus station in the city to help feed some rough sleepers, the sheer number of which left Liverpudlian Till in shock.

He told Front Kick Online: “It’s eye-opening, mate, isn’t it? Lots of people, I didn’t know there’d be this many people. Wow.”

Till only found about Chimaev and Maddadi’s regular feeding of the less fortunate – which the pair don’t speak publicly about – when he touched down in Stockholm.

He told Chimaev’s YouTube channel: “Reza and Khamzat, after training this morning, asked me to come and help them. I didn’t even know they did this.

“That’s what makes it even better that they help the homeless in Sweden.

“I think they’ve got a non-profit charity – which is so amazing – where they collect food from restaurants and they come to the place where a lot of homeless – I don’t want to say homeless people because I don’t like the sound of that.

“But people who need help and are less fortunate than ourselves.

“They come, and as you can see there’s a lot of food getting in brought in now, and they give the food to the less fortunate people. Which is really, really f***ing phenomenal shit, like.

“He’s a superstar and he’s doing this s**t. And the best thing is he doesn’t want no thank you for it, he just does it out of the goodness of his heart.

Chimaev, who has shot to superstardom in just four fights in the UFC, was once of the less fortunate.


Khamzat Chimaev regularly helps feed Stockholm’s less fortunate[/caption]

He said of being able to give back to those struggling: “It feels good when you help.”

Pride of Liverpool Till hasn’t set foot inside the octagon since a submission loss to Derek Brunson last September, a fight he went into with a knee injury.

Surging welterweight contender Chimaev, meanwhile, was last in action last October at UFC 267, where he choked Li Jingliang UNCONSCIOUS in the first round of their Fight Island showdown.

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