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GB News: Ted Cruz says 'zero' chances of Russia invading during Trump’s presidency


Both Mr Farage and Senator Cruz slammed President Biden’s “disastrous” withdrawal from Afghanistan last August, with Mr Cruz blaming this decision for “emboldening” America’s enemies. There are fears it may encourage similar actions from other countries in territorial disputes across the world, such as China and Taiwan.

During their conversation at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2022 in Orlando, Florida, Mr Farage commented on the “impossible situation”.

He said: “We saw last summer an American president unilaterally withdraw his troops from Afghanistan, leaving the rest of us in literally an impossible position.

“The very guys we fought for 20 years [were] back in control.

“We’ve been asking ourselves a question, all of us across the Western world, does America care anymore?

“Is America still a leader?”

He then asked Mr Cruz if Putin would be doing this if Trump was still in charge, having lost the 2020 Presidential election to Joe Biden.

Mr Cruz responded: “No, I think there’s no chance.

“I had dinner with Donald Trump last night.

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“And even more frighteningly, the chances of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan just rose tenfold and the world’s become a much more dangerous place as a result.”

Several Republican politicians have criticised President Biden’s weakness in handling the Russia situation and have questioned whether he is fit to govern.

Trump has repeatedly heaped praise on Putin for his strategy on Ukraine.

He called him a “genius” on a radio interview on Tuesday and then at a fundraiser in Mar-a-Lago on Wednesday he doubled down on his claim that Putin was “pretty smart”.

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