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GB News host Neil Oliver shames Nicola Sturgeon – 'We're a shambles, a failed state!'


GB News launches on Sunday, the first major UK news network since Sky began broadcasting in 1989. Mr Oliver, formerly a presenter of the BBC show Coast, will host a show each Saturday “celebrating Britain and the British people”.

He described the state of Scotland under Nicola Sturgeon as “dire” in a ferocious attack.

Mr Oliver told the Herald: “We’re in failed state territory.

“I hang my head in disbelief and sadness at what Scotland has become – the state of the economy, the state of the health service, of education, the fiasco of the ferries, the drugs deaths.

“It’s a shambles and shameful and I look on at the country of my birth with nothing but sadness at how far we’ve fallen.”

During the 2014 referendum, Mr Oliver opposed the campaign for Scottish independence.

Scotland voted to remain part of the UK by 55 percent of the vote to 45 percent.

Mr Oliver explained: “My feelings are motivated by a deep love of the place, the history.

“I’m an archaeologist, I’m aware that the human story goes back a million years.

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However, the SNP fell one seat short of a majority at last month’s Scottish parliament elections.

They are still hoping to get an independence bill through Holyrood with Green Party support.

Boris Johnson is opposed to a second referendum and has urged Ms Sturgeon to focus on Scotland’s coronavirus recovery.

Mr Oliver spoke emotively about his fondness for Britain.

He said: “I do celebrate Britain and it’s not about being triumphalist, it’s just I just love the place.

“I just want to turn a bright light on places that I love, people that I’m fascinated to hear from.

“What I’m motivated to do is just express and share the fact that I love it here.”

The chair of GB News is Andrew Neil, who used to present programmes for the BBC and edited the Sunday Times.

He will also present its flagship show each evening.



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