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GB News: Expert warns of infighting in the Kremlin as Putin 'loses touch with reality'


Mark Dolan invited two expert guests to join him in the ‘The Big Question’ segment of his GB News show to discuss Vladimir Putin and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Mr Dolan, who formerly worked at TalkRadio, was joined by the Evening Standard’s defence correspondent Robert Fox and an ally to ex-President Donald Trump Sebastian Gorka.

Mr Fox claimed diplomacy “hasn’t got a hope in hell in the next few days” after events in Moscow seemed to show the Russian President is “losing touch with reality”.

He explained: “We are hearing these rambling versions of history and why he was doing it.

“He doesn’t seem to be very good at explaining exactly why he is doing what he is doing to Ukraine.”

Mr Fox added: “Putin is very bunkered at the moment.

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“He seems to be fighting some of his own staff, he’s finally fired his head of overseas external intelligence at the FSB and put him under house arrest.”

The Evening Standard’s defence editor also questioned whether Mr Trump has the capabilities of bringing Putin’s invasion of Ukraine to a halt.

The 45th President has been claiming Russia would not have mounted its onslaught on the ex-Soviet state if he returned to the White House in 2020.

Mr Trump said at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida: “As everyone understands, this horrific disaster would never have happened if our election was not rigged and if I was the President.”

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“I think the one that most stands a chance, just a chance, is President Xi Jinping of China because he is about to be Russia’s biggest client for oil and gas.”

The Ministry of Defence’s most recent intelligence update on events in Ukraine said: “Russian naval forces have established a distant blockade of Ukraine’s Black Sea coast, effectively isolating Ukraine from international maritime trade.

“Russian naval forces are also continuing to conduct missile strikes against targets throughout Ukraine.

“Russia has already conducted one amphibious landing in the Sea of Azov and could look to conduct further such operations in the coming weeks.”

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