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Gardening: Top 5 flowering plants to inject colour into your garden this autumn winter


Beautyberry (Callicarpa)

A plant with the audacity to bear the name beautyberry certainly doesn’t disappoint. 

This plant can grow between three and eight feet and will brighten up your garden with its breath-taking purple hue. 

Callicarpa is known for its bright violet colour, and jewel-like appearance, with the small berries growing in a cluster.

The berries flourish in autumn, so to maximise results grow them in perfectly moist soil. 

Make sure their spot in your garden gets plenty of sun and watch them come into their own.

These beautiful little pops of colour look amazing amongst additional shrubbery and plants, and can even make perfect additions to homemade bouquets, as their angular stems and vibrant shade create a rustic, bohemian appearance.

As for the benefit they bring to wildlife, with the berries being non toxic to animals as well as humans, they are rated by more than 40 species of songbirds, perfect to help them get through a cold winter. 

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