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Gardening tips: Clean your terrace in 4 simple steps to get your garden ready for summer


Freshening up your terrace should be high on your spring cleaning list as this is where you will be enjoying the company of friends and family come summer. From wood to tiles, each terrace has its own specific care needs.

Experts at DIY, home, and gardening company ManoMano has shared their tips on how best to clean your terrace, depending on what kind of terrace you have.

But the first thing to do is to clear the terrace of any garden furniture or other outdoor accessories you may have left out over the autumn and winter.

Once cleared, ManoMano said that there are four key steps to take for any type of terrace.

The first is to give the area a full sweep with a brush from top to bottom, clearing any excess rubbish.

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To do these steps thoroughly – especially the last step of removing any stains – it is essential to think about what kind of terrace you have and perform the steps accordingly.

With a tiled terrace, ManoMano said that it should always be washed using the same products as you would apply to your floors indoors.

If you want an alternative to cleaning products you can find in stores and websites, such as on ManoMano, you can make your own cleaning solution using baking soda and diluted black soap.

As for a stone terrace, all you need is some washing up liquid and water, before wiping any excess liquid away with a cold water hose.

Afterwards, hose the terrace down with cold water.

You can also wash wooden terraces with diluted washing up liquid, before rinsing it thoroughly again with cold water.

ManoMano said that when finishing off the clean with a rinse, it is important to brush the terrace in the direction of the wood fibres to properly remove any dried organic deposits.

This can be done with a pressure washer, as long as it again remains on a low pressure setting at a distance of at least 50cm to avoid damaging the terrace surface.

Once your wooden deck is clean, ManoMano advised applying a treatment to the wood such as varnish, wax, or oil in order to restore its original colour and to protect it from the sun, mould, and insects.


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