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Gardening hack to 'grow more plants' makes the garden 'look so much more beautiful'

@kia_urbangardener said growing vertically is how to fit even more plants in your garden. She made a DIY wall garden that she installed in her backyard.

“I live in a rental so I wanted something that was not going to cause any harm or damage to the wall,” she said.

She got a wire rack and railed it to a fence in her backyard. Then she clipped several pots to the rack.

There are many kinds of plants that can grow in pots, but Kia said to be mindful of the shallow soil. Herbs grow well in those conditions, as well as radishes, she said.

She said it took her less than 30 minutes to set up the garden wall, and it fits nine pots.

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“The last reason that I love this hack is it just makes the backyard look so much more beautiful. It’s like a feature or a piece of art on the wall,” she said.

In the comments, people praised the simple solution. 

“Looks amazing. Will have to try it. Thanks,” one person wrote.

Another said: “Strawberries would be great in there too!”

One person wanted to try the hack, but said their landlord doesn’t allow nails. Kia responded, saying they can always just lean the rack against a wall.


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