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Gardening expert's top tip to make orchids bloom 'all year round'

An expert at the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) revealed how to make orchids bloom “all year round”.

Plantsman Graham Rice said the “extraordinary” plants “deserve to be looked after so that they provide many years of gorgeous blooms”.

He said “it doesn’t take much” to encourage the exotic-looking houseplant to bloom more than once.

There is an “easy trick” to make the orchid do so, which can be done at home with no special ingredients needed.

Before sharing the top tip, you need to make sure you have the type of orchid that is most likely to rebloom – the moth orchid.

Otherwise known as Phalaenopsis, the moth orchid is the “easiest” to rebloom and is popularly sold at supermarkets and garden centres.

Plus, moth orchids come in a vast array of colours and patterns that will appeal to a person’s taste.

Another type of orchid that is likely to rebloom is the “slipper orchids”, which are also known as Paphiopedilum.

While slipper orchids may only carry a single flower on each stem, the flower can bloom for up to five months at a time.

One more orchid likely to rebloom throughout the year is Oncostele, sometimes known as Colmanara.

Orchid top tip

RHS expert Rice said: “Make sure that the temperature at night is lower than the day temperature.

“It doesn’t take much, but lowering the heat by 5C, usually in autumn, will often kick plants into flowering.

“Moving them to a different room in the house may be all they need but it makes a huge difference to most of the orchids we grow in the home.”

The RHS noted an orchid – such as the moth and slipper orchids – will happily bloom “for two to three months”.

While a rest period is needed for the orchid for a few months, the orchid can then bloom again – “and so on, all year round”.

Therefore, if cared for and experiencing a colder climate at night, you can ensure an orchid reblooms time and again throughout the year.

And having beautiful orchids flowering for the majority of the time is a lovely sight to see.


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