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Gardening expert's homemade cleaning solution for garden decking – no vinegar or soda

Expert Oliver Johnson at HomeAdviceGuide.com revealed how to transform a garden deck into a beautiful place for summer lounging and alfresco dining.

Now that the sun is shining in Great Britain, the urge to be outdoors is growing. If you would like to have guests over for a lovely weekend lunch or weeknight dinner, you’d want to host in a well-to-do garden.

Should there be decking in your garden, there’s a chance it may not be looking its best right now. Johnson said: “Begin by clearing everything from the surface of your decking. Remove all of the things that may get in the way including plants and garden furniture.

“Get a broom and sweep the entire area. Brush away all of the leaves and debris. Pay particular attention to smaller nooks and crannies where debris may collect.”

Johnson continued: “Use your garden hose to loosen and rinse all of the dirt and grime away. Aim the hose directly at any heavily soiled areas to remove as much of the stain as possible.”

He advised to “spray in between all of the decking boards to rinse away any remaining leaves, twigs, grass, or other debris”.

Homemade cleaning solution

The next step involves making a homemade cleaning solution – and it doesn’t require white vinegar or baking soda.

“Mix warm water with some liquid dish soap,” advised Johnson. “Then, saturate the surface of the deck and scrub with a sponge or stiff-bristled brush until the cleaning solution begins to lather.”

The warm soapy water solution should be left on the decking for around five to 10 minutes.

“Then, use your hose again to rinse away all of the cleaning solution,” said Johnson. “Allow the deck to dry.”

Get rid of mould and algae

Should mould and algae be ruining the appearance of your garden decking, then you will need a “concentrated disinfectant”. There are specialised concentrated disinfectants for decking available in the likes of B&M, B&Q and Screwfix.

“Simply spray the disinfectant on the affected areas and allow it to dry,” Johnson instructed.

Can I use a pressure washer?

Johnson advised: “Depending on the material of your decking, pressure washing it may cause splits or cracks, particularly if you misjudge the pressure.

“If you want to ensure you don’t ruin your deck, use a hose to clean it.”


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