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Gardening expert shares ‘top choices’ for a shady garden – ‘traditional woodland plants’


Shady gardens can be challenging to keep looking vibrant and bursting full of colour. Gardens that are exposed to less sunlight can make it difficult for certain plants to thrive. Some people will put sculptures, trees, seating areas, sheds and pergolas in shady areas to avoid having to plant anything.

“Those are my top choices.”

Hostas thrive in shade and produce pale lilac bell-like flowers in the summer.

Blue, green and variegated hosts will do best in deeper shade.

Fargesia is a modestly-sized bamboo which is ideal for smaller gardens.

“Foxgloves are quite good. Also, think about your early spring flowering.

“Bulbs like daffodils and bluebells and things like that which traditionally grow before the trees come into leaf in a woodland setting.

“They flower and then it doesn’t matter if there’s shade later on. They will do well in that position.”

Foxgloves thrive in full sun to partial shade to full shade depending on heat.

Bluebells also thrive in partial shade under trees or shrubs but need moist well-drained soil.

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