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Gardening expert shares how to slowly water your plants using a ‘nappy’


Rowse’s gardening expert, Michael Perry, has shared his tips for caring for your garden naturally. Mr Perry, who is also known as Mr Plant Geek on Instagram, said gardening “naturally” is more pleasurable and can even help you maintain a good eco-system in your garden. The gardening expert said there are plenty of ways you can garden more naturally which includes reducing the amount of plastic you use and finding innovative solutions to care for your plants.

He said: “Try to reduce the use of plastic in your garden by re-using pots and containers, and instead explore different materials for times you’d usually use plastic.

“Old tights and panty hose are ideal for tying in plants, it’s soft and flexible and won’t harm the plants.

“Discarded packing chips also make excellent drainage for pots, add a layer at the base instead of gravel.”

Mr Perry also mentioned an unusual tip involving nappies for watering plants.

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He told fellow gardeners to “be brave, be bold” when it comes to using containers.

He continued: “The most important thing is to make sure the container has drainage.

“You can achieve this by drilling some small holes in the base or adding a layer of gravel.

“This means water can run out of the container, and it’ll prevent water-logging.”

Yoghurt pots, cut up plastic bottles and any other plastic food pots can be used.

Mr Perry added: “Try a leftover Rowse honey pot or jar if you like, the bees will be super happy about that!”

Some people have made plant pots out of jars, paint cans, shoes, wellies and even furniture.

The gardening expert has also explained how making your own compost could really help your plants – and your bank account.

Mr Perry explained that homemade compost makes the “perfect mulch”.

He said: “It’s worthwhile putting aside an area of your garden for composting, you can either buy a specialist container or construct your own.

“Add all manner of things to your compost heap, and the result will be full of nutrients!

“These things might include lawn clippings, old egg boxes, shredded newspaper, hedge trimmings and of course vegetable scraps from the kitchen!

“The compost takes around a year to form and makes the perfect top mulch for your border plants or mixing into pots of patio plants.”


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