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Gardening expert shares homemade remedy that will see hydrangeas bloom abundantly

Caring for hydrangeas can be a rewarding experience for any gardener. 

These stunning flowers, known for their large, vibrant blooms, can transform any garden into a picturesque landscape. 

However, hydrangeas require specific care to thrive and produce their signature blossoms.

They are notoriously thirsty plants and getting them enough water can sometimes pose a challenge.

Gardening expert Yvonne Pratt from Stonegable shared a simple yet effective homemade remedy to ensure hydrangeas bloom abundantly. 

Known for their lush and vibrant blooms, hydrangeas often face the challenge of blocked stems, but her “boiling water method” promises to keep these stunning flowers in top condition.

According to Yvonne, hydrangeas produce a sap that can clog their stems, preventing water from reaching the beautiful blooms. This blockage can lead to less vibrant and fewer flowers. 

However, the boiling water method can effectively remove this sap and ensure the hydrangeas receive the water they need.

She advises gardeners to boil water and pour it into a cup. 

Each hydrangea stem should then be dipped into the boiling water for 30 seconds. 

Immediately after this, the stems should be placed into a vase or container filled with room-temperature water. 

This technique helps clear the sap, allowing water to travel up the stems to nourish the blooms.

“Hydrangeas are one of the most beloved garden flowers, but their beauty can be compromised if they don’t get enough water due to sap blockages,” Yvonne explained. 

“By using the boiling water method, gardeners can ensure their hydrangeas are hydrated and can bloom to their full potential.”

This simple remedy not only promotes healthier and more abundant blooms but also offers a chemical-free solution for gardeners looking to enhance their plant care routine. 


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