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Gardening expert shares ‘DIY’ hack for removing weeds but warns ‘it can kill most plants’


Getting down on your hands and knees to manually remove weeds in the garden is a tough task. Not only can it take hours but it can be uncomfortable and leave pesky roots in the ground that could grow back. Some gardeners choose to use harmful chemicals to remove weeds, but these can damage the surrounding environment and animals too.

“Be careful where you spray though because this DIY solution will kill most plants it touches.

“Another weed killer found in your kitchen is salt.

“Mix three tablespoons of salt, just enough warm water to liquefy the solution.

“Salt kills weeds by causing dehydration.

“But it also makes the soil barren so only use this weed killer in areas that you don’t want any vegetation like a stony path.”

If you don’t fancy creating your own liquid weed killer, then you could always cover your compost in mulch.

Mulch doesn’t have to be shredded bark, you could use materials from your own home.

The expert added: “Smother your weeds with mulch.

“Don’t throw away the morning newspaper yet.

“Paper leaves straw or even a black tarp are great materials to use to suffocate your weeds.

“Just make sure you put enough mulch on the weeds to block out any light.”

The YouTube video was praised from viewers on the site.

One user said: “Thank you for sharing all the natural ways to get rid of weeds.”

Another person commented: “As a kid, I remember spreading small amounts of rock salt on weeds and then watering it to dissolve the salt. Worked pretty well in spring!”

Another said: “I just moved to New Mexico and have encountered some weeds that look like miniature trees.

“I have been digging them up, but they are really nasty with tiny thorns.

“I’m going to try this and hope and pray it works!”


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