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Fury in Spanish seaside town loved by Brits as sunbeds cost £60 a day

Cala Major, a beloved beach near Palma, is at the centre of controversy as locals and visitors express outrage over the steep cost of a new premium sunbed service.

The luxury sun loungers, priced at 70 euros (approximately £60) per person per day, come with only a parasol and no additional amenities, not even a complimentary drink.

While the standard sunbed service costs 25 euros per day, the introduction of this exclusive option has sparked significant backlash among regular beachgoers.

Posters on the umbrellas prominently display the hefty price tag of the premium service, which has found favour primarily among tourists seeking extra comfort and service on the Spanish beach.

Despite claims from residents that more sunbeds and umbrellas have been added this year, Palma city council has denied any increase in the number of beach facilities.

Cala Major, one of Palma’s most popular beaches, is known for being family-friendly and accommodating, with facilities like small supermarkets, restaurants, bars, and chiringuitos.

Local residents, however, are frustrated as they feel the expansion of sunbed areas has encroached on the free beach space they typically enjoy.

Many locals prefer to lay on their towels or bring their own chairs and loungers, rather than paying for the pricey sunbed services.


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