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Fury as 'vile' anti-vaxxers show 'photos of dead kids covered in blood' at school gates


It has been reported that around seven protestors showed up at St Thomas More Catholic School as the Covid vaccination programme began for 12-15 year-olds. As the group arrived at the gates of the school, one protestor used a loud microphone to spread the anti-vaccine conspiracy theories, while handing out images of dead and disfigured children to the onlookers.

The incident took place at Blaydon, Tyne and Wear, at 8.40am on Monday.

According to parents, the kids who were given the leaflets which contained the images of dead children on them were left “in tears” due to being terrified by what they saw.

One parent of the children at the school said: “My 13-year-old daughter called me after she arrived at school saying a woman had tried to force her to take a vile leaflet.

“Apparently it showed a colour picture of a young girl covered in blood and the woman told her the vaccine had killed her.

Others showed pictures of deformed kids. It was very upsetting and she asked me, ‘Is the jab going to kill me?’

Another mum of one of the kids at the school added: “Our kids shouldn’t be getting ambushed by these idiots when they’re going to school.

“Luckily my son is pretty savvy and just told one of them to eff off and stop trying to scare the kids. I don’t like swearing but I let him off this time.”

@dron1dave took to Twitter to say that the event happened at their daughter’s school as they tweeted: “Daughter’s school targeted last week. Anti vaxxers appear to be able to act with impunity. They would appear to have friends in some very high places.

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He added: “We had six or seven protesters on Monday.

“There were two groups, it seemed one who were leafleting the children and regaling through a loud hailer of their views.

“The children were not really fazed by that.

“There was another couple of protestors who were showing our younger children what appeared to be dead and disfigured children, which they claimed were as a result of the vaccine. This upset quite a few children.

“They stopped doing it when we realised what they were doing and we asked them to stop.

A spokesperson for Northumbria Police has explained what had happened at the school as they said: “At 8.40am yesterday (Monday) we received a report of a number of protesters outside a school on Croftdale Road, Blaydon.

“Officers attended the scene but the protesters had already left the area.

“We are continuing to speak with the school in question and enquiries are ongoing to establish whether any criminal offences have taken place.”

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