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Fury as human waste, drug syringes and rats allowed to pile up around school for a year


Small Heath Leadership Academy, a secondary school and sixth form in Birmingham, has raised the issue with the city council on several occasions. But the pile of waste has yet to be cleared – and has been raised to a local MP.

Images of the side fire exit of the school on Wright Street in Birmingham show rubbish and needles littering the floor.

Rats were also seen fleeing the pile by reporters filming the scene.

A parent whose child attends the Academy said: “This is a cause for concern.

“An issue that needs to be addressed.

“This cannot and should not be ignored nor pushed for someone else to clear.”

Ladywood MP Shabana Mahmood told Birmingham Live they have been in talks for over a year regarding “hazardous waste” around the school.

Ms Mahmood told the outlet: “It is completely unacceptable that Small Heath Leadership Academy continues to face serious problems with dangerous litter and fouling outside of the school.

“In that time, the response from the Council has lacked the urgency required to address a matter of public health.

“Today, I’ve written to the Leader of Birmingham City Council, asking him to urgently look into this issue, meet with me and the school leadership team to discuss the way forward, and personally lead on the response.”

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A spokesperson for Small Heath Leadership Academy also told the outlet they were working with Ms Mahmood to resolve the issue.

They said: “We have been working proactively with the council, police and our local MP, Shabana Mahmood, to address anti-social behaviour taking place on public land around the academy.

“We are currently attempting to set up a working party, involving the council and the police, and have suggested several possible solutions to resolve the issues, including installing additional CCTV.

“The academy is keen to resolve the issue and will continue to work closely with our key partners to collectively improve the cleanliness of the area and to help alleviate the social issues affecting Small Heath.”


A Birmingham City Council spokesperson said: “We share the concerns of residents and people working this area.

“The mess and dumped waste is the result of the anti-social and criminal behaviour of people who have absolutely no concern or regard for our city.

“We will do everything we can to address these issues and are investing £7.2million this year across the city to achieve cleaner streets.

“But we need people to show their love for Birmingham. The council is not creating this mess but is left to pick up the pieces.”

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