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Fury as councils build 'pathetic' barrier to stop children playing football


But children have used the goal for 35 years, ever since it was painted on the wall by Brian Reeby, a resident in Cullompton, Devon.

He said problems started when a minority of neighbours living nearby started to complain and at one point things got so heated that police had to be called to the scene.

The authorities said it therefore had a “duty of care” to act, Devon Live reports.

But parents branded the move “pathetic”.

Writing on Facebook, one mum said: “Absolutely pathetic… The country has gone mad.” Another user shared: “How spiteful.”

A third wrote: “People moan when kids hang out on streets, but then moan when they’re not doing any harm or causing any trouble playing footy.”

One message simply reads: “What’s the world coming to?”

But there were also some people who believed the councils had done the right thing. One said: “There is nothing more annoying than kids kicking a football against a wall. The constant thud thud thud. You can’t have peace and quiet even in your own home.”

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