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Fury as boozy litter louts trash beauty spots and parks on first day of Covid Rule of Six


Litter has been scattered across Nottingham Arboretum, where photos show overflowing bins and rubbish on the ground.

Arboretum Residents’ Association said they are “disgusted”.

A spokeswoman for the group, speaking on behalf of residents, said: “This is the fourth time this has happened.

“It is not changing and students are not changing their behaviour one little bit and none of us will now go through The Arboretum.

“There was groups of 25 people sitting together last night with no social distancing. I feel sorry for the police but they were not dispersing them. There was a sea of people – you could smell the cannabis in the street and the noise was horrendous.

“It is not a park anymore it is a playground for students. We can’t face this the whole summer.”

People who live near the green space say they’ve already seen fighting and people drinking there, since the restrictions were eased.

Natalia, 31, and daughter Amelia, 11, go through the beauty spot on their way to Amelia’s school.

Natalia said: “Girls and boys peeing in the bushes, empty bottles thrown everywhere.

“There’s alcohol, there’s fighting, it’s horrible.”

Cameron Thiolewll, 22, is a student in Nottingham. 

“Everyone just needs to clean after themselves, it’s not that hard. Not to mention that the litter should be recycled,” Cameron said.

“I guess it’s just difficult to monitor who is in the park, but I haven’t seen police dispersing crowds yesterday.

“This park is the only thing giving life at the moment, so it’s a real shame when this happens.

“It’s just decency.”

In Bilton, East Yorkshire, empty beer bottles are seen pictured strewn across a playfield field.

One resident. who lives nearby. was shocked by the selfish behaviour of those who left the litter behind. She said: “The playing fields were left in an absolute state by the end of the day – and this is only day one.”

Another resident added: “Had a summer of disruption last year. Parents must be proud.”

Organisations are working closely in unision in other parts of the UK to help tackle littering and flytipping.

Clean Devon, for instance, is encouraging people across the county to ‘find a bin or take it home’ as part of their new anti-littering campaign in the county.

Devon is set for a busy summer with residents and visitors taking to our moors, beaches, countryside and villages to enjoy the sunshine after being in and out of lockdown for the past year.


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