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Furious Spaniards say 'stay away' from beautiful Majorca beaches – 'island is f*****'

Furious Spaniards fed up with tourists have raged at their fellow countrymen while telling Britons to “stay away” from their beach beauty spots.

Majorca, one of Spain’s Balearic Islands that sees millions of British tourists each year, has started to see protests similar to those in its Canarian cousin Tenerife.

Residents have spoken out against the constant stream of tourists but, rather than issue warnings to prospective visitors, have directed messages at other island residents.

Majorcan locals have told people to stop making videos of the island’s best beaches and geo-tagging them, leaving them sitting ducks for sun-seeking Brits and travellers from other European countries.

They have told people to keep any sunny snaps off social media and allow beauty spots to fly under the radar to give residents some peace and ensure the island isn’t “being f****d up”.

Posting on TikTok, Majorcan user Scorpio – who has been credited as a key voice behind a campaign to stop people from posting beauty snaps – told people to “stop making videos of the coves of Majorca please”.

In an expletive-laden rant, she complained the “whole island is being f****d up”, adding that videos of sunny vacations only mess with the local ecosystem.

She said: “The only thing these videos do is f**k up the island’s eco-system and help to worsen the problem of the exorbitant prices us locals already have to pay for everything.

“The real problem is the foreigners come and leave their empty bottles of suncream and alcohol bottles and leftover food on the beach, and the fish that manage to survive don’t come any more.”

“They think this is their own f*****g home, and it really annoys me.”

She concluded her message by calling for people not to post pictures or videos of Majorca’s hidden spots.

Scorpio said: “Someone saying ‘You can’t miss out on these four places’ for four shi**y likes means others can’t go to those places and prices there triple. If someone on the island shows you a hidden cove, don’t put it online.”

The anti-tourism sentiment shown by Scorpio echoes similar sentiment from other Spaniards living in the Canary Islands, specifically Tenerife, where local resistance to visitors has grown exponentially in recent weeks.

Protests have broken out, with some activists embarking on hunger strikes to get tourists to leave, and crude signs scrawled across buildings tell tourists to “go home”.


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