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Furious Spaniards list their demands and explain what they hate most about tourists

Furious Spaniards have come up with a list of demands to crack down on tourism – and some are totally outrageous.

Across Spain there have been urgent pleas to stop tourists flooding towns and cities, with protests taking place across the Canary Islands as well as vocal opposition in Barcelona and now Ibiza.

Now those native to the country have given their own ideas on how to stem the flow of sunseekers – from setting limits on flights to scrapping their use of rental cars.

Spanish publication ultimahora.es asked its readers on their thoughts on how to control the number of visitors into the Balearic Islands, which includes Majorca and Menorca.

‌One said: “Stop with the rental cars and let them use more taxis or public transport, otherwise it will be chaos,” says @marzenazubczynska. 

Another agreed saying: “Car rentals, for God’s sake, limit the number of cars coming in, it’s chaos,” adds @jonygc2. 

Limiting the amount of cruise ships was also a priority for Spanish residents. @duna.888 said “control the massive influx of cruise ships into our port” while @matruyols proposed less flights.

They said: “fewer flights to the island, fewer ferries, fewer rental cars, limit one cruise ship a day”.

Hotels and tourist accommodation were also on the hit list. “We need to control the flats that are used as holiday rentals and don’t have a licence” said @jiiuliaoliveira.

“Reduce the number of hotel beds” added @ortego501. 

And there were some outrageous ideas too. “Let’s have another pandemic”, said @mateorosblanes with @lluift adding “border closure”.

But others conceded that tourism helped keep the country afloat financially too.

“We eat from tourism, not all of us work in the public administration” said @fina.ramon and “without tourists there is no money” said @h_ikken.

Meanwhile Ibiza has launched a war against tourists with a huge protest planned.

Residents on the island of Ibiza are joining other holiday destinations across the country in calling for restrictions on tourism.

The party island is beloved by Brits but, inspired by similar movements in the Canary Islands and Menorca, an activist group called Prou Eivissa (meaning Enough Ibiza) has been started.


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