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Furious oil protesters disable tanker's brake cable on M4 – police swarm as road blocked


The demonstration, by the Chiswick Roundabout between the A4 and M4 in West London, has left cars and trucks in a standstill and brought images of protestors climbed up on an Eddie Stobart lorry. Officers are at the scene, with Hounslow Police saying: “Road closures are currently in place at the Chiswick Roundabout Diversions are in place. Please avoid the area if possible.” All traffic from Chiswick High Road northbound is being diverted onto the A4 westbound, TfL confirmed.

In a video from the scene shared by Just Stop Oil on Twitter, a protester mockingly says to the camera: “Welcome to Black Planet, with me your host, David Attenborough Jr Jr.

“Here we have the strange homo sapiens that wear the yellow jackets and the black jackets [police].

“They follow the orders knowing full well that the order that they’re given will ultimately kill everything they love.

“But instead, they continue to protect the cans of black death [fuel] that get carted around… because they just love money so goddamn much.”

Police are seen in the background, with activists standing on top of a fuel tanker.


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