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Furious neighbour row erupts over plans to demolish beloved Windermere bungalow


The bungalow located in Wynlass Park is currently situated next to other similar looking bungalows.

Mr and Mrs D Greaves submitted the application and reportedly amended it after receiving feedback from residents in the community.

The national park authority’s development control committee approved the planning application.

Once completed, the two-storey house will be finished in stone beneath a slate roof, with a proposed ridge height similar to a neighbouring property, located further uphill on the street.

Critics have said the house will alter the feel of the community, but the applicants said the plan has been altered to include feedback.

The plan also pointed out that other properties, that are taller, already exist in the road.

Residents speaking in opposition of the plans were present at the meeting on Wednesday.

One resident, Mr Hoyle, expressed concerns over the “proportionate size of the property compared to the rest of the properties”.

He claimed that the proposed building would be two and a half times larger in terms of living space.

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“If approval is given, our [house] will be lower in height than two other properties on Wynlass Park. The house has been planned to our needs, with just one master bedroom and two smaller bedrooms for when our children and grandchildren stay.”

Neil Henderson, the area planner, released a report ahead of the meeting.

He had recommended the application be approved.

Hugh Branney told fellow committee members: “I have every sympathy with the objectors on this one, but I don’t think we have sufficient grounds to go along with them, and I think we have to agree with the officer’s recommendation.”

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