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Furious James Jordan calls for Strictly pros who refused Covid jab to be sacked from show


FORMER Strictly Come Dancing star dancer James Jordan has called for the show’s pros to be sacked if they have refused the Covid vaccination. 

Today, The Sun revealed that a third dancer on the BBC show has decided against having the jab – creating further resentment amongst the crew and this year’s celebrities. 

James Jordan has said Strictly pros should be sacked if they don’t have a jab

Appearing on today’s Good Morning Britain, James was left fuming as he rowed with fellow former pro Kristina Rhinaoff about the topic.

Making his position very clear, James said: “Lots of people get sick anyway, this was way before Coronavirus, so if you are sweating and all over someone, it is very close contact on Strictly as we all know, so you are much more at risk of spreading something like that.

“If it does spread and the whole show comes down or god forbid someone dies because lets not forget 150k people have already died from this horrible virus. 

“If someone on this show get this virus and their immune system is really low and they die, it could have been prevented.”

He added: “ I say let’s not have these professional dancers on the show.”

On Saturday, The Sun revealed two pros had snubbed vaccinations — leaving some celeb contestants reluctant to be paired with them.

The news that another dancer is also unprotected will intensify the unease, particularly as a pro tested positive for Covid last week.

An insider said: “Producers are dreading an outbreak of Covid on the new series, which is a crucial part of the autumn schedule.

“The last series showed how disruptive the virus could be when Katya Jones tested positive and had to leave the competition with partner Nicola Adams. They are taking every possible precaution to make the set as safe as possible, particularly as the studio audience is returning.”

Dancers do not have to disclose whether they are vaccinated as it is a private medical matter and the BBC cannot even ask about it.

The third pro in question is paired with a celeb and others on Strictly know they are not jabbed.

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