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Fuming resident writes angry note to badly parked driver after food delivery truck couldn’t access road


AN ANGRY note has been pinned to a car parked so badly a supermarket delivery driver could not get down a street.

As the car obstructed the road, the Asda driver had to park nearby and walk all the way to the customer’s door.

Staffordshire Live / BPM Media

The note complained about the awful parking which obstructed the road[/caption]

The note, left by an anonymous resident in the Staffordshire street read: “Please think before leaving your car parked like this down this street.

“If an emergency vehicle needed to get through, it couldn’t. Please think of others!”

Another resident said: “We have a serious issue with double-parking and the council have been informed in the past.

“We as neighbours have had to put notes on cars parked explaining they were causing an obstruction.

“Residents are concerned if an emergency vehicle cannot get down, someone may suffer.”

Police and the council said they would be liaising to discuss whether to install double-yellow lines on the street.

It comes as a driver left a brutal reply after a neighbour left another angry note on his car complaining about his parking.

After making a fuss about him parking in the space for two weeks and threatening to get the council involved – the driver outwitted the complainer with his response.

And a woman was left shocked after receiving a rude note from a neighbour threatening to report her to the council over her “awful” parking.

In the angry letter, the neighbour has said she could no longer get off her driveway – leaving the woman to claim that it is actually the note-writer’s fault for not being able to drive properly.

And a fuming woman wrote an angry note to neighbour who she thinks nicked her takeaway – so who do you think is in the right?


The Asda driver was apparently blocked[/caption]


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