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Frexit leader mocks Castex after claiming France 'far ahead' on pledge to deliver 30m jabs


Mr Gallois, who campaigns for France to follow Britain out of the EU, has publically ridiculed the pledge of the French Prime Minister to have 30 million citizens vaccinated by mid-June. The Frexit leader took to Twitter to vent his scepticism over the promise made by Jean Castex in an address to French lawmakers on Wednesday. It comes as President Emmanuel Macron announced France would be placed under a third national lockdown as the country continues to struggle to stem rising coronavirus case numbers. 

Speaking in the French Parliament Mr Castex set out targets for vaccinations of ten million vaccines by mid-April, 20 million by mid-May and 30 million in mid-June.

He said: “We must ensure that industrialists comply with the dose delivery schedule.

“We will therefore be up to date and even very close to the objectives that I had here stated in front of you last December 17 during the debate organized on the vaccine strategy.

“In this regard, I had announced the vaccination of 15 million people by the end of the first semester – we will be far ahead.”

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Mr Castex insisted that France’s vaccination rollout would be “far ahead” sparked a damning response from Mr Gallois who tweeted out a gif of the Conservative Party frontbench.

He retweeted coverage of Mr Castex’s speech with the gif of Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg looking perplexed during a House of Commons debate.

The post attracted a lot of vocal support from Mr Castex critics who slammed the French Government’s handling of the pandemic.

One person commented: “Compared to now, that’s for sure! Compared to our neighbours… The gentleman is aware that other countries will also continue to vaccinate during this time…The USA will have finished the vaccination, the English too…We will be ahead of who? Serbia?

“In advance? Of whom? Of what? The virus has been circulating for over a year and we are re-fining…”, said another 

One wrote: “Did we tell him what day it was or …? Because it’s embarrassing here.”

It comes as President Emmanuel Macron ordered France into a third national lockdown as he admitted the country was on the verge of “losing control” of coronavirus

Earlier this week, France reported more than 5,000 patients were in intensive care – the highest number this year.


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