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Free bus pass: When you are set to get free travel amid state pension age changes


Free bus pass entitlements are highly valued by many older people as a good way to cut costs in retirement. It will often be the case older Britons need to get out and about, whether going to the shops or attending doctor’s appointments. But bus travel usually comes with associated costs which can quickly rack up, especially if a person is using the service every day.

Anyone born from October 6, 1954 to April 5, 1960 will now hit state pension age upon their 66th birthday.

This also means this will be the time they are able to collect their free bus pass.

But this is not the end of changes which are set to take place when it comes to the state pension age, and as a result, people living in England should brace for free bus pass eligibility to potentially change in the future.

In the coming years, it is expected the state pension age will increase again to 67, and then to 68.

This, the Government has said, is a result of increasing life expectancy, meaning people spend more of their adult lives in retirement than ever before.

If the free bus pass age is tied to the female state pension age, then it is likely people will have to wait longer than before to unlock their entitlement.

However, it is worth noting these rules are only applicable for those who are resident in England.

Elsewhere in the country, other rules apply which will be worth making note of if they are applicable.

In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, most people will be able to get a free bus pass upon reaching the age of 60.

Some have suggested this is unfair, but the difference is due to the decision being made by devolved governments.

The only exception to the female state pension age rule in England occurs in the capital – London.

Here, individuals will be able to get what is known as a Freedom Pass to help with their travel.

This means people aged 60 and over can travel for free on buses, tubes, trains and other forms of public transport.

However, this only applies to travel within London and is therefore somewhat limited.

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