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‘France is unhappy place like UK in 1970s – Paris is a foreign country’ Farage's verdict


Nigel Farage, former UKIP leader and ex-member of the European parliament has declared that the French population are “unhappy” and “angry” under the current Presidential leadership of Emmanuel Macron. The initial round of election voting has offered “strong results for Le Pen,” claimed Farage. French support for far-right candidate Marine Le Pen is a symbol of the frustration amongst the population as Macron’s Presidency has failed to deliver on election promises. Farage explained, “France is a very unhappy place, it reminds of the UK back in the 1970s.”

The dissent felt among the population has resulted in a great “split” in French voting patterns.

Farage declared: “Paris has become pretty much a foreign country.”

Anger at the current state of affairs within France appears to have turned many voters towards the far-right policies focused on tightening immigration and defending French nationalism.

In the 2017 election, Macron enjoyed a clear majority over Le Pen but the first round of voting indicates the 2022 election will be a much tighter competition.

The French “anger” towards political leaders has also been directed into increased support for far-left candidates.

Farage acknowledged the election displayed “strong results also for Mélenchon, who got a lot more votes than anyone thought at 20%.”

The French voting preference for more extreme candidates expresses dissatisfaction with the current state of political affairs.

As the election enters the final stage later this month, the population appears to be crying out for change in France despite Macron’s goal of a second presidential term.

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France is due to enter the second round of the election process at the end of April which will see the two final candidates, Le Pen and Macron, battle for the Presidency.

In the lead up to this final vote, Farage has argued the extensive campaigning will come down to an intense “head to head debate.”

Farage remained adamant that this fierce debate “will decide who will win this French presidential election.”

He reflected on Le Pen’s “calamitous debate” experience in 2017 as “Macron completely outfoxed her”, yet the persistent candidate now heads into her third bid for the French presidency.

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