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Former nurse believes death is both spiritual and clinical


When Knight left nursing in 2019, she recalls having a conversation with two women about the loss she had suffered in her own life, as well as the death she had witnessed at work. This is when it dawned on her how much her thoughts on life and death had changed, and how she had come to believe “we are more than just our physical body”.

She said: “The women were astounded I’d never written a book about my journey from the clinical to the spiritual, and that’s how the book came about really.

“It was a chance to reflect on my own grief journeys and also help people keep moving forward in life, especially when they feel stuck.”

Although it is a book about how to process grief, it initially examines the concept of life, the definitions of it, as well as its stages and lessons.

“A lot of what happens to us in life, and what we’re exposed to, can help how we cope with death and loss. If we have a lot of positive talk and openness around life and loss then we can grieve more openly and heal quicker,” said Knight.

“In the past, when people were ill or dying, they were nursed within the home, but over time, through medical advancements and innovations, it’s become very clinical and detached. We go into hospital for medication and to be artificially ventilated, so almost have clinical death over natural death.

“But when we’re not regularly exposed to something, we start to develop this fear, or awkwardness, even though death remains the only certainty in our life.”

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