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Former Fifth Gear host includes Vauxhall and Lancia in top four unique classic cars


Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Jonny Smith said quirky cars “don’t mean expensive”. He said there are a lot of “rare cars which aren’t that desirable” which are still great vehicles.

According to Parkers, the model has a used car value of between £4,600 and £8,500.

Lancia Stratos

Mr Smith said: “It’s a lesser-seen car that a certain generation will know.

“[It’s] a car that was built for homologation purposes. Homologation cars are always quirky because they have to fit a rulebook and often they don’t make the manufacturer any money.

“They throw money at building this thing to win at motorsport and weirdly in history they don’t sell so well which means they make the company a loss.

He added: “It’s quirky but it’s cool. They are actually not worth a lot of money but I think they’re great.

“You can drive round that’s built in the 90s but looks 50’s and I think it probably deserves a lot more recognition.”

Algys Autos said a good used Pao is now valued at upwards of over £5,000.

Aston Martin Lagonda

Mr Smith said: “It still looks like it would have been beamed down from a spaceship. I wasn’t alive when it launched but I’m fascinated with it.

“It’s just one of those cars that was unloved for years, it was always the Aston Martin nobody really wanted, now I think it’s one of the perfect cars to EV convert.

“It’s just got the strangest of styling, it’s got the strangest of interiors with the digital dash that didn’t always work, even when it was new.

“Forty-something years on it’s just so cool.”

Classic Trader has Lagonda models for sale for between £55,00 and £120,000.

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