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Flight horror as drunk passenger wees on plane floor during take off

Passengers and crew were left horrified after a drunken man urinated all over the floor of a plane as it was taking off. Andreas Heize, 49, from Germany, had asked staff on the KM Malta Airlines flight from Berlin to Malta if he could use the toilet while the plane was beginning its ascent but was told to wait until the seatbelt sign was switched off.

But he ignored cabin crew orders on the Easter Sunday flight and proceeded to pee over the carpeted floor at the rear of the plane.

A court heard how crew on the flight had given the German national a seat at the back of the plane and told him he would only have to wait five minutes on what was the airline’s maiden voyage.

Police inspector Roxanne Tabone said witnesses had told officers that Heinze had attempted to turn his body to conceal what he was doing, but passengers sitting in the row opposite had a clear view. 

Heinze was arrested once the plane landed in Malta and continued to exhibit what police called “abnormal behaviour”. 

Once he was removed from the plane he was taken to Mater Dei Hospital where he was deemed to be under the influence of alcohol.

Heinze pleaded guilty and said he regretted what had happened. 

After hearing submissions in agreement from both the defence and the prosecution, magistrate Joseph Gatt found the accused guilty by his own admission and sentenced him to a three-month jail term suspended for three years.

The court also heard it will be Heinze’s birthday in two days prompting the magistrate to warn him not to repeat his mistakes.

Mr Gatt said: “I want you to behave like an altar boy, not even, like a saint, because if you make another mistake, you will go to jail.”


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