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Firefighters issue urgent warning over money saving trick as fear families are compromising safety to bring down bills


FIREFIGHTERS have issued an urgent warning to families using money saving tricks to bring down bills.

Desperate dwellers are lighting candles for heat and light – but the tactic can result in “devastating consequences”.


Tenants are being urged to understand the risk when using candles, log burners and open fires[/caption]

Candles are one of the alternative sources being used to replace electricity and central heating, hoping to reduce soaring energy costs.

But emergency services are worried people are taking a big risk to see savings.

The West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service has seen an increase in incidents involving lighting candles.

They’re urging occupiers to be cautious when using candles, log burners and open fires.

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Nicki Peddle, head of prevention at West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service, has reminded tenants of low-risk ways to lower energy bills safely.

These include ensuring electrical appliances are turned off at the wall and unplugging them while not in use.

She said it can also be a good idea to take devices off their chargers as soon as they reach full battery.

People who do want to use candles are urged to always keep the naked flame away from materials that can ignite easily.

Candles must be in upright, in a proper holder and need to sit on a heat resistant surface.

Any open fires need to have fireguards and chimneys should be regularly swept.

Ms Peddle told The Argus: “Smoke alarms are always the best line of defence for fire protection and they’re absolutely vital if you’re making use of cheap rate off-peak electricity.

“We understand this is a difficult time for many and we encourage people to keep themselves safe by always following our safety advice.”

The advice comes as inflation has soared to 7% according to new data from the Office for National Statistics in another bitter blow to family finances.

The consumer price index (CPI) rose by another 0.8 percentage points in March, up from 6.2% in February.

Inflation is a measure of how much the prices of goods and services have changed over time.

When it goes up, prices on everyday items and essentials and bills also rise – which means you need to make your money stretch further.

Soaring energy bills and and petrol prices were the main drivers behind the rocketing rate of inflation, the ONS said.


Inflation has risen by 7%, according to new data[/caption]

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