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Fight champ 'sickened' by video of schoolboy being 'put to sleep' by bully's choke hold

A former world Jiu-Jitsu champion who once “choked out” a woman on camera has reacted with outrage to a shocking video which shows a schoolboy being ‘put to sleep’ by the same type of martial arts hold.

The worrying footage – which we have decided not to share – shows the victim falling face-first into the grass after he has been rendered unconscious by a ‘choke hold’ that critically reduces or prevents either air or blood from passing through the neck. The victim initially seems to consent to being put in a sleeper hold as he can be heard saying: “If I stay stop, you gotta stop.”

However, he begins struggling almost immediately, as the bully locks on and leans backwards – cutting off his airways. And, in just a matter of seconds, the boy slumps unconscious.

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Sickeningly, the person filming the video can be heard laughing as the boy falls forward, face first, into the grass.

It’s understood the incident occurred in Fowlerville – a village in Michigan, between Detroit and Lansing. While the full circumstances of the incident are unclear, the MailOnline reported that it had approached the local police and school district for comment.

Sharing the video footage on X, former world Jiu-Jitsu champion Dillon Danis said: “This makes me sick to my stomach. Could have killed the poor kid.”

Danis, who retired in 2023 – but fought out of New York and helped train MMA star Conor McGregor- is now offering to help teach the boy self-defence. He said: “If we find his name, I’ll pay for his membership at any local Jiu-Jitsu gym.”

However, Danis himself faced criticism when he “choked out” The Breakdown presenter Elle Brooke on camera.

When reminded of the incident on X, Danis said: “I’m a professional who’s been training Jiu-Jitsu for 15 years, using the proper technique and knowing when to release.

“I also ensure someone is there to catch her so she doesn’t get hurt, and I do this with a willing participant.”

In the footage, which can be seen above, Brooke asked Danis to “choke me unconscious” because it would “a good clip”. Despite initially refusing the request, Danis quickly relented and placed the presenter in a sleeper hold. Within seconds Brooke slumped unconscious – and appeared to convulse briefly – before quickly regaining consciousness.

“Oh my god, did I just pass out?!” said Brooke as she got back to her feet. She later added: “Oh my god, that’s so much better than drugs.”


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