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Fern Britton suffers 'major disaster' in career move after apologising to frustrated fans


Fern Britton, 63, has spoken out after fans questioned the delay in her new venture, Fern’s Fireside, which was due to make its debut on social media this evening at 6.30pm. The former This Morning presenter’s career move had drawn plenty of excitement from her 80,000 Twitter followers, as it will see her reading stories from her books over Facebook.

The best-selling author, who split from her estranged husband Phil Vickery last year, has published over 15 books, including popular fiction titles such as The Daughters of Cornwall, New Beginnings, and The Holiday Home.

However, Fern’s fans were left wondering where the first instalment of her online series was when it wasn’t live on the platform on time.

It wasn’t the first time that the television personality’s new move had concerned fans, as some previously expressed their disappointment over the news that it would only be available to view on Facebook.

One fan shared their concerns with the star after she tweeted: “It’s nearly time! I am stoking the fire and getting comfortable. 

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Despite the initial problems Fern faced, her readers were delighted to tune into her first reading.

One person wrote: “Really enjoyed your first reading thank you.”

Another added: “Fabulous Fern I’m lost in the story already. Looking forward to tomorrow’s chapters.”

A third fan said: “I loved it Fern, needed that after an energy-sapping morning at work.”

It comes after Fern apologised to fans after they pointed out that her series should be available on more platforms.

One social media user wrote: “I was so excited till I saw it was on FB [Facebook]! Ah well, you can’t please everyone. I will be quietly jealous and hope it goes well for you and everyone who tunes in will have a fab time xx.”

Ferne quickly responded, admitting that her technology skills aren’t the best.

She said: “We’ll try as time goes on .. I’m not so good at the tech x”.

n a later post she continued: “Forgive my ineptitude but wonderful young people manage all the content on FB so I cannot reply personally xxxxx.

“I’m a whizz on the Twitters tho!”(sic)


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