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Feral youths batter dad who challenged them for 'queue jumping' in shop


The 38-year-old victim was left bruised after the beating on Tuesday evening. He had made a remark to one of the teenagers after they darted to the front of the queue in the shop in Smethwick, West Midlands, but was confronted by the rest of the gang outside. 

The dad refused to apologise for his comment and he claimed punches started “flying all over the place” as he walked to his car.

Customers inside the newsagents started recording the violent attack and found it “hilarious,” the father added.

When the victim got into his Ford Focus, driven by his wife, the attackers reversed another vehicle into the car at 30mph, leaving his wife injured.

Police are investigating the incident, Black Country Live reports.

The victim said: “Me and my wife went into a shop, my local shop. We were at the front of the queue, it was quite big.

“This lad came in, barged into the front of the queue, gave the shopkeeper some money, then got some Coca-Cola. I turned to my wife and said ‘I’m sure there is a queue’ and then he started saying ‘yeah there is mate, but I’m boss’.

“Then he started mouthing out and my wife said he was cheeky, that was it. They said ‘wait until we get outside’. There were five of them, they kept saying to me ‘say sorry’. I did swear, I said f*** off and started walking towards the car.

“The next thing I know, punches are flying all over the place, hitting me about 10 times in the head. People in the shop were just recording and thought it was hilarious.

“I just know, if I was one of those people, I would have ran out and helped whoever it was. Luckily, I can take a few punches. They didn’t knock me down once.”

He continued: “They must have got annoyed, that is when they reversed into my car at about 30mph, straight into the back of my car. When they reversed into the car, obviously my wife was at the front of the car. It went into the front of her leg and the top of her leg is just bruised, it is black.

“We are lucky and I’m kind of happy that it happened to me and not someone who is vulnerable, someone elderly or a child, who couldn’t take those punches, I didn’t have a chance and I used to cage fight myself. I’ve got a few bumps, they were all sucker punches.

“Every single one of my bumps are on the side of my head and the back of my head. That is about it. That is all really. My head is like a map, it is all bumpy. I have got such a headache. Other than that, I think Wednesday night, I had concussion, but other than that, I am absolutely fine.”

A spokeswoman for West Midlands Police said: “We’re investigating an assault on Hurst Road, Smethwick at 7pm on Tuesday (22 February). A 38-year-old man was repeatedly punched by several men outside a shop.

“The suspects got into a car and hit the man’s car before driving off. Anyone with information is asked to please get in touch using Live Chat on our website. Quote crime number 20/574336/21.”

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