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Fed up caller demands unvaccinated Britons 'charged a premium' for NHS services


A fed-up TalkRadio caller demanded that people who refuse the vaccine should be charged a premium for NHS treatment, saying they are “more likely to need medical care”. It came as experts were warning that England could be vulnerable to a new spike in coronavirus cases over the coming months. Over 260,000 people have tested positive to coronavirus across the country in the past seven days.

Calling on TalkRadio, caller Steven said: “People choose not to get the vaccine.

“They are choosing to take the extra risk of being likely to need more medical care if they do have the virus.

“Therefore, they should pay some premium towards their healthcare if they do need that extra care.

“So why should the vaccinated people be penalised for having their taxes paid for the medical care of people who chose not to get the vaccine and who chose to take the extra risk of needing medical care?”

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Host Peter Cardwell said: “So you’re saying that we should actually find people, well not necessarily find them but charge them a premium for NHS access if they’ve chosen not to get the vaccine.

“Is that what you’re saying?”

The caller said: “Exactly. Some sort of premium.

“I mean if you have private medical insurance. If you get sick, then your premium goes up.

“So then you can choose not to get the vaccine if you’ve got private medical insurance, but you’re more likely to have any medical care.

“Therefore, you’re more likely to have to have your premium go up.

“So most people in private insurance will probably choose to get the vaccine but to avoid having their premiums go up.”

Experts have warned that England is vulnerable to a new spike in coronavirus cases because it is taking a long time to inoculate children. 


According to the latest data from the Office for National Statistics, one in every 15 secondary school children had Covid last week in England.The spike reflects a warning made by Sage in August when it said: “Schools will represent a high proportion of remaining susceptible individuals and it is highly likely that exponential increases will be seen in school-attending age groups after schools open.”

It is believed that teachers and parents are confused about whether the children need the vaccine.

Devi Sridhar, a professor of global public health at the University of Edinburgh, told the Telegraph: “I think the first thing is the messaging hasn’t been great in England, and I think a lot of parents and teachers are confused about whether their children actually need the vaccine.”

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