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Fears for UK safety as jihadi terrorists could launch attack in space


And Sir Mike warned Russia and China are developing and testing “electromagnetic” weapons to shoot satellites out of the sky. He admitted Britain may soon have to develop similar weapons to fight in space. The head of the RAF also warned that the falling cost of travelling to space, and rapid advancements in technology, could mean Isis could try to launch attacks in space.

Power supplies, hospitals, businesses and transport networks could be disrupted if satellites are lost.

Chief of the Air Staff Sir Mike Wigston said: “This time last year, the Russians did a test where effectively, they had a satellite with the characteristics of a weapon. But we are also seeing laser dazzle, anti-satellite weapons, electromagnetics with direct energy weapons pointed at satellites.

“They are operating them against their own satellites but they are demonstrations of capabilities.

“For Russia and China and other potential adversaries, they have watched the UK, US and our allies’ foreign operations in the Middle East, Afghanistan, and they’ve seen our complete reliance on space.

“And if you were an adversary, why wouldn’t you seek to deny that advantage?”

Asked if Britain could develop electromagnetic weapons, the Chief of the Air Staff said: “We may come to that in the future and so I’d certainly say not say never.”

“It’s now so cheap and accessible that it is not beyond the comprehension that an organisation like Daesh, could decide to do something in space because the cost of entry and the technology is so readily available.

“We should be open-minded to how accessible space has become and almost every country is contemplating setting up a space launch facility and we need to be ready for that ever-increasing complexity and congestion in space.”

China is known to have been carrying out anti-satellite weapons tests since as early as 2007.

It launched a weapon into low earth orbit and destroyed a derelict weather satellite, creating the largest debris field in orbit in the process.

Russia tested a terrifying new 9,000mph “star wars” ballistic missile capable of destroying US satellites in space.

The rocket was launched from the Sary-Shagan test site in Kazakhstan and wiped out a dummy target, according to the Kremlin.

Russia is known to be developing a mobile long-range extraterrestrial interceptor missile named 14Ts033 Nudol.

Sir Mike added: “Space affects our day-to-day lives in a way that many systems really appreciate. Everything we do, all of the devices we’re holding depend on signals from space. Getting petrol from a petrol pump.

“As technology moves on and the cost of getting to space becomes cheaper, you’re seeing far more activity up there, it’s becoming more congested and there are states and non-state actors that are behaving in a way which is counter to our national interests.

“They are running tests for anti-satellite weapons, both in space and from the ground.

“The trajectory I see going and the way I see our potential adversaries behaving, I think it is almost inevitable that we need to have an ability to defend our interests in space.

“Right now, we are going to have to do that one step at a time.

“This can be anything from manoeuvring them to deny our adversaries an opportunity, all the way through to interrupting their signals, and ultimately it may come to us having to be able to destroy threats in space.

“I’m in no doubt, when diplomacy fails and we find ourselves in conflict on earth, it will move very quickly to space.

“Whilst it may not start in space, that future war will probably be won or lost in space.”


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